Socially Awkward Podcast 010 – STEM English and Fake Science

As the semester comes to an end and Ms. Blaak’s STEM English class gets ready for summer vacation, she takes the time to talk to them about fake and not-so-fake science.

Socially Awkward Podcast 009 – Zoë

Today Ms. Blaak is waiting for the show to start and takes the time to talk to Zoë about multitasking, movies, cable tv, commercials, 1982, golf, smoking, and what to do when you get rabies.

Socially Awkward 008 – Abby

Today Ms. Blaak talks to Abby about books, libraries, Newfoundland, car travel, snacks, amusement parks, lines, frustration, and cats.

Socially Awkward 007

Today Ms. Blaak talks to Taylor about being energized, right handedness, psychic powers, creativity, the zodiac, innovation, and potatoes.

Socially Awkward 006

Ms. Blaak has to interview Ms. Wilson twice this week, she also talks to students about aliases, colours, age, lies, pbj sandwiches, school buses, and how to prepare for falling down.

Socially Awkward 005

Ms. Blaak talks to students about randomness, TV, dogs, cars, horses, refugees, t-shirts, and ripped pants.

Socially Awkward 004

Today Ms. Blaak talks to students about shyness, homework, Dr. Who, hair, and why teenagers are always tired.

Socially Awkward 003 – Talking to John

Ms. Blaak talks to John today about the finer points of making, drinking, pouring, and carrying coffee.

Socially Awkward 002 – Talking to Anj

Ms Blaak talks to Anj today.

Socially Awkward 001 – The Debut

This is the first episode of the Socially Awkward Podcast. Today’s episode is hosted by Mrs. Blaak and she interviews students using improv and nonsequiturs. Enjoy!