Socially Awkward Podcast 019 – Bonus Interview

Bonus Interview from STEM English.

Socially Awkward Podcast 018 – More STEM

More STEM English Interviews.

Socially Awkward Podcast 017 – STEM English Part 2

Today I talk to my STEM English Class (Part 2)

Socially Awkward Podcast 016 – STEM English Part 1

Today I talk with my STEM English Class (Part 1).

Socially Awkward Podcast 015 – Mr. Thompson

Today I am having lunch with Mr. Thompson during my interview.

Socially Awkward Podcast 014 – Haylee

Interview with Haylee.

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Socially Awkward Podcast 013 – Zach

It is June and the summer break is almost here. Today Ms. Blaak talks to Zach about rhymes, poetry, Dr. Seuss, fake biographies, the Statue of Liberty, truth, candy, breakfast, doctors vs. fruit, fake news, conspiracy theories, and more candy.

Socially Awkward Podcast 012 – Devon

Another day at school and Ms. Blaak talk to Devon about triathlons, holding your breath, pony tails, pizza, movies, rivers, staying up late, best time for productivity, coffee, podcasts, zodiac signs, and societal dangers.

Socially Awkward 011 – Sawyer

Ms. Blaak talks to Sawyer about slang, faking it, Torontomanz, differences between generations, tea? T? tee?, truth, beatniks, and Jack Kerouac.